Friday, 30 January 2009

Someday Soon

my summer is four months away, and although at first glance this might seem like an off topic post, no no, here goes. I will make my summer full of art, like no one has ever seen it before.
I will shoot in raw. Which means I have to get yet another 8, preferably 10 gig memory card, but that's worth it. Connected with that, I will take either my hard drive with me, or get a large memory stick on which I can then put all my images. because that whole cd burning thing last year was bothersome.
I will also keep a journal of all my experiences. So what? some might say now, because I keep journals of everything. But, and that's the great part about it I will make that book myself. Because I learned one way of making a book yourself, and I am googleing it like a crazy person right now and I really like the saddle stitch technique and might just start with a dummy tonight. and then hopefully find that one paper place in london and get some nice paper.
I will actually spend enough time in each place to get a sense of it and take appropriate pictures.
I will apply all the stuff I've learned in England so far. And all the stuff I am yet to learn.
I will, if it fits into the project, ask strangers whether I can take their photo. Because I've done it here, and I feel way more confident in the States anyways.
So basically, it's going to be freaking awesome.

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