Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I Can See For Miles

Turns out the Body project might end up a lot better than expected. The photos from Monday's shooting are quite nice, the one-to-one tutorial with Matt was also a lot more relaxed than expected. He loves my work, says I have done a great job so far and told me that I am pretty much ready to print my work, although he advised everybody to do at least two, preferably three shoots. So am I above average? Well, I can hope for it.
Nonetheless, working on a self-portrait project does make you go insane. I was processing some of the images last night and just having me on the screen all the time is kind of strange. I started intensifying my eye colour, removing some of the too much fat around my shoulders, just exactly the stuff you should not be doing when working on a realistic, self-based project. No worries tho, I didn't save any of these images. Instead I realised that I rarely have to re-touch any of the images, the lighting is quite nice, so is the composition. Very simple, very honest. Deadpan, as Matt classified them.

CalArts porfolio is send of, right now I regret it a bit because one of the self-portraits might have looked really nice in it. Yet again, it wouldn't have fit in with any of the other images after all, so might just be better like that. One thing is out of the world, now I can (and also should) focus on Bournemouth and my photographic career here.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights

I have never thought I would do this, but

this one goes to my housemates.
Not because I specifically like them, but because they facinate me. On a very negative basis.

Washing your dishes.
Never uses any washing liquid, neither does he ever fill the sink. Instead, he just rinses his plates under hot water.
Is an excessive cleaner. When you want to have your dishes clean, ask him to do it.
Always says he only cleans his own stuff, but when it comes down to having to clean the kitchen, he actually goes for everybody.
and finally, Mike.
He fills the sink up to its top, so that the water splashes over and keeps on the left side of it. Then beautifully mixes with the mold in the dirty dishes and start smelling. As the stuff is already really gross nobody dares to touch it in order to get rid of the smelling water. So it goes on smelling.

Doing your laundry.
To hang up one pair of trousers he needs four springs. Two for each trouser leg.
Uses loads and loads of laundry conditioner. And then at the same time wonders why one bottle only lasts for five to six washes.
I have never actually seen her wash her cloths.

Everyday life.
Sits in his room if he isn't in uni and watches movies. All day long. And tells me that he's doing work. He's also infatuated with some Californian radio show, listens to it until 4 in the morning.
Does actually do a lot for uni. But also parties like crazy. A few weeks ago he started drinking Friday, 5pm. And stopped some time Monday morning. it was the weekend of his 20th birthday. According to himself, he cannot remember anything. I'm not surprised.

Vacuums his room once a week, but never actually does his dishes/cleans the room in any way.
Needs 30 minutes to take a shower. Nobody knows what he is doing in there.
Is barely home and prefers walking to uni instead of cycling which takes about 15 minutes less.
Is addicted to tuna and sweetcorn. On a sandwich. With pasta. By itself.
This is also true for Ollie.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Walk the Line

My housemates are actually working. Well, Mike is sitting alone in Nahiyans room and playing on his xbox, sort of pathetic, but Ben and Ollie are in fact sitting in their rooms and doing some work. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw it.

As for the Body project, things couldn't be worse. I started doing some self portraits earlier, after cycling to the shopping centre to get a remote for my camera, but the results just looked like a uncreative stupid amateur took them. That's the thing with nude portraits, the line between professional looking portraits and slightly off photos is too thin to be visible.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lets Get It On

Lindsey is a very very mean person. And I will have to encounter him a lot now that I started my photography pathway. I hate taking things out of the shop when he's in. But he's always in.
Anyways, I now have a beautiful 20mm lens lying on my table, only waiting to be picked up and used. Unfortunately, no inspiration at all, so I might just return it on Friday, unused.

Portfolio is running smoothly, CalArts application is submitted, all I now need to do is submit my portfolio and wait for march to arrive. And hopefully a positive letter.
Same goes for my Route A coices. It's going to be Kingston, London College of Communication, and two are yet to be decided.

Other things are running less good. The deadline for the new project "The Body" is 2 December, only a bit more than two weeks away, and I have no idea on what to do. I think I am expecting too much of myself again, it's basically a project in which we can explore different photographic techniques, but I want to produce amazing images. I always want to produce amazing images, no matter whether I like the project or not. There's a lot to do with this subject, I'd love to work with nudes, but I guess I won't find any nude models when I cannot offer any money.
Also I am stuck with my Route B coice. I only have one uni for that, unfortunately both Glasgow and Camberwell only offer Route B. Glasgow has the better course, but Camberwell is, well, LONDON! So what now?

I will not publish my portfolio here, both because I am paranoid that people might steal my ideas and because the files are simply too big (meaning, they range from 27 mb upwards).

And now, back to my desk and do some nice spiderwebs of non-existing body ideas.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Pressure Zone

I warned you of a picture heavy entry, so here goes.
This weekend will be filled with work. I am working on my first real big presentation, it's only for Katie, but it's the perfect way to learn a lot. We decided on a topic, which is photography for beginners, meaning I will introduce my audience to the three main paths of photography: fine art, commercial and documentary/travel/street. Gonna be a lot of work, but also super interesting I think.
But nevertheless, here goes the photos. I didn't include any portfolio work, simply because I haven't started working on them yet and I do not want to publish anything unfinished.
in chronological order

Drawing week, which I enjoyed

Photography week, which I enjoyed, but produces shit

Fine Art week, which was a lot of fun.

Textiles week, which I hated.

3D week, which was amazing.

And my husband, I think no ranking needed.

My first trimester is nearly over, assessment on Tuesday, then I'm off to London for the rest of the week to set it a nice end.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


London was amazing. But it just showed me how much I really want to leave Europe. CalArts application update: sent 1 of 4 parts, done 2 of 4 parts, I will talk to Matt later today, hopefully send the transcripts and recommendations next tuesday.
LCC was good, but not too exciting. It's an okay school, they have some nice Alumni, good facilities, but I honestly expected more. The course is more media than fine art based, I think I have to figure out what I want to do before I actually apply anywhere. But Camberwell next week, which offers a more fine art based photography course.
Essay due in less than four hours, still no idea how to start and finish it, neither do I have any clue how to reduce it from 1000 to 800 words. I guess I'll just leave it and talk to my tutor about it. hm. Yes, I know I owe some picture heavy posts of both my work and London yesterday. But it's just such a busy time at the moment.
Oh, and I love Guy Fawkes. And I'll marry London.
And: OBAMA!!!