Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I Can See For Miles

Turns out the Body project might end up a lot better than expected. The photos from Monday's shooting are quite nice, the one-to-one tutorial with Matt was also a lot more relaxed than expected. He loves my work, says I have done a great job so far and told me that I am pretty much ready to print my work, although he advised everybody to do at least two, preferably three shoots. So am I above average? Well, I can hope for it.
Nonetheless, working on a self-portrait project does make you go insane. I was processing some of the images last night and just having me on the screen all the time is kind of strange. I started intensifying my eye colour, removing some of the too much fat around my shoulders, just exactly the stuff you should not be doing when working on a realistic, self-based project. No worries tho, I didn't save any of these images. Instead I realised that I rarely have to re-touch any of the images, the lighting is quite nice, so is the composition. Very simple, very honest. Deadpan, as Matt classified them.

CalArts porfolio is send of, right now I regret it a bit because one of the self-portraits might have looked really nice in it. Yet again, it wouldn't have fit in with any of the other images after all, so might just be better like that. One thing is out of the world, now I can (and also should) focus on Bournemouth and my photographic career here.

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