Thursday, 6 November 2008


London was amazing. But it just showed me how much I really want to leave Europe. CalArts application update: sent 1 of 4 parts, done 2 of 4 parts, I will talk to Matt later today, hopefully send the transcripts and recommendations next tuesday.
LCC was good, but not too exciting. It's an okay school, they have some nice Alumni, good facilities, but I honestly expected more. The course is more media than fine art based, I think I have to figure out what I want to do before I actually apply anywhere. But Camberwell next week, which offers a more fine art based photography course.
Essay due in less than four hours, still no idea how to start and finish it, neither do I have any clue how to reduce it from 1000 to 800 words. I guess I'll just leave it and talk to my tutor about it. hm. Yes, I know I owe some picture heavy posts of both my work and London yesterday. But it's just such a busy time at the moment.
Oh, and I love Guy Fawkes. And I'll marry London.
And: OBAMA!!!

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