Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights

I have never thought I would do this, but

this one goes to my housemates.
Not because I specifically like them, but because they facinate me. On a very negative basis.

Washing your dishes.
Never uses any washing liquid, neither does he ever fill the sink. Instead, he just rinses his plates under hot water.
Is an excessive cleaner. When you want to have your dishes clean, ask him to do it.
Always says he only cleans his own stuff, but when it comes down to having to clean the kitchen, he actually goes for everybody.
and finally, Mike.
He fills the sink up to its top, so that the water splashes over and keeps on the left side of it. Then beautifully mixes with the mold in the dirty dishes and start smelling. As the stuff is already really gross nobody dares to touch it in order to get rid of the smelling water. So it goes on smelling.

Doing your laundry.
To hang up one pair of trousers he needs four springs. Two for each trouser leg.
Uses loads and loads of laundry conditioner. And then at the same time wonders why one bottle only lasts for five to six washes.
I have never actually seen her wash her cloths.

Everyday life.
Sits in his room if he isn't in uni and watches movies. All day long. And tells me that he's doing work. He's also infatuated with some Californian radio show, listens to it until 4 in the morning.
Does actually do a lot for uni. But also parties like crazy. A few weeks ago he started drinking Friday, 5pm. And stopped some time Monday morning. it was the weekend of his 20th birthday. According to himself, he cannot remember anything. I'm not surprised.

Vacuums his room once a week, but never actually does his dishes/cleans the room in any way.
Needs 30 minutes to take a shower. Nobody knows what he is doing in there.
Is barely home and prefers walking to uni instead of cycling which takes about 15 minutes less.
Is addicted to tuna and sweetcorn. On a sandwich. With pasta. By itself.
This is also true for Ollie.

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