Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lets Get It On

Lindsey is a very very mean person. And I will have to encounter him a lot now that I started my photography pathway. I hate taking things out of the shop when he's in. But he's always in.
Anyways, I now have a beautiful 20mm lens lying on my table, only waiting to be picked up and used. Unfortunately, no inspiration at all, so I might just return it on Friday, unused.

Portfolio is running smoothly, CalArts application is submitted, all I now need to do is submit my portfolio and wait for march to arrive. And hopefully a positive letter.
Same goes for my Route A coices. It's going to be Kingston, London College of Communication, and two are yet to be decided.

Other things are running less good. The deadline for the new project "The Body" is 2 December, only a bit more than two weeks away, and I have no idea on what to do. I think I am expecting too much of myself again, it's basically a project in which we can explore different photographic techniques, but I want to produce amazing images. I always want to produce amazing images, no matter whether I like the project or not. There's a lot to do with this subject, I'd love to work with nudes, but I guess I won't find any nude models when I cannot offer any money.
Also I am stuck with my Route B coice. I only have one uni for that, unfortunately both Glasgow and Camberwell only offer Route B. Glasgow has the better course, but Camberwell is, well, LONDON! So what now?

I will not publish my portfolio here, both because I am paranoid that people might steal my ideas and because the files are simply too big (meaning, they range from 27 mb upwards).

And now, back to my desk and do some nice spiderwebs of non-existing body ideas.

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