Saturday, 25 October 2008

Slow Show

Things are happening fast here. And I like it this way.
We are having a clean kitchen, I am betting with myself that it will keep that way for 1.5 days, meaning Monday morning. And the conversations I had with Mike and Ollie today were in fact quite good, I start liking that part of them. If they just weren't that damn unreliable and immature.
But back to the basics.
I am going to be a photographer. I haven't put down my choice yet, that only happens in three weeks, but I made my decision, and so far nothing has changed since last Saturday when I made it. Three or four years from now I am going to have a BA or BFA in Photography and will hopefully earn my money with it. I pretty much like that idea.
Assessment is coming up in three weeks, I have all my work I've done so far here at home so prepare for a photo heavy entry coming up real soon. Including some annotations, in a chronological order. And once my assessment is over and I know which of the pieces I have to keep for my portfolio I will start selling that stuff. Otherwise it will be just lying around here for now good reason.
My Antithesis project is running smoothly, 2 out of 3 pieces are done, although the bookshelf didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. But I'll just make some nice drawings to make up with it. The hardest part is going to be the armchair, I'll have to see how this goes, otherwise I'll start making some chairs out of more carrot sticks and build another table and then have a nice dining set.
Glasgow this wednesday, GSA open day on thursday and then hopefully some successful portfolio work the rest of my time in Glasgow. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You Want The Candy

Furniture made of food. CalArts. Big photo project: taking a photo of everyone on campus. 71 days until New Year. Glasgow School of Arts. Artistic Statement. Self-awareness. Annoying housemates. Cool couchsurfers. London College of Communication. No flight home. Interesting face. Awesome friends. Not working portfolio. Assessment.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Friday I'm In Love

Having done a lot of research, and having spent hours and hours in the library (note to self: I'm exaggerating here) I have a new idea. Go for interior design or architecture and focus on photography in my free time. I'm researching two artists right now, Martina Geccelli and Gabrielle Brasilico, both trained architects but practicing photographers. And good ones, really good ones. I love their work. So yeah.
London this friday, still nowhere to stay, but open day on Saturday. London Metropolitan University, BA in Interior Design & Technology. I'm excited.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Baby, It's A Fact Pt. 2

When I obsess about not having money I usually have a three digit amount in my bank account.

After I get back from a long trip the first thing I do online is check for flights going back to that certain place.

I still remember every single day of my 13 days in California this summer.

Staying in modern, impersonal hotels makes me happy.

I eat cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ASDA has Ben&Jerry's on offer at the moment. I, of course, knew about it and bought another jar of Phish Food.

I read the IKEA cataloge rather than only looking at the photos.

Moving out is the scariest thing I've done so far.

I ask google everything. In 50% of the cases the answers are really useful.

I posted my first secret to PostSecret two weeks ago. It hasn't been posted.

I'm disgusted by other people's dirty dishes. I don't mind so much if I don't do my dishes for two days, but if my housemates don't clean up after themselves I get annoyed and eventually start crying.

I never live in the present. Only in the past and future.

I know more about art, music, movies and photography than I know about politics and the latest world news.

The moment I moved to Bournemouth I thought about where to move next year.

I trust couchsurfing people more than any of the people I've met here so far. Even if I haven't met any of the CS people.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

Decisions to be made.
As for Architecture/Interior Design, I've come to this decision:
I found an interesting course at Central Saint Martin: BA in Architecture: Spaces and Objects. Seems like this is the perfect course for me in case I cannot decide between architecture and interior design as it focuses on both of these topics. Although I didn't really get whether I would be both an architect and an interior designer afterwards. But yeah, it's on my list.
LCC offers a really good BA Interior Design course as well. Looks a lot better than the one at Chelsea. So that's in.
Camberwell, Chelsea, London College of Fashion and Wimbledon are out. So much for the London School of Art.
UCL. Excellent links, excellent reputation, there's not much to say. Graduates are now working with Zaha Hadid. Zaha fucking Hadid! Apparently they aren't hosting any open days, so I will have to see how to visit and find out about their facilities. But as it looks right now they are one of the world's leading architecture schools, so I guess I couldn't make any mistakes with applying there.
By now I figured that if I go for Architecture, going into interior design from there is pretty easy. So that shoulnd't be a problem.
Now Glasgow School of Art. Their BA Architecture is four years, that's the first minus. But besides that, also one of the worlds leading schools. Besides Architecture they are also offering a great Interior Design course. Both in.

As for Photography:
Also LCC. I'm visiting the collge in November, by then I will know whether I'll be an Architect, Interior Designer or Photographer.
Glasgow School of Art is offering Fine Art Photography.
Then there is the Tisch Uni in New York. By now I figured I'll just pay the $75 application fee and go for it. I will need a personal statement, Karen will be excited about writing a reference for an american uni and if I really got in there I won't have to worry about employment or anything. The course is amazing, although it would mean 4 years instead of 3. And New York, the city I am absolutely not ready to live in yet.
I could also stay in Bournemouth. But by now, only six weeks since I started my course, I already know that I wouldn't make it here. It's a nice town, but not for three years. It's my BA, I need more resources in the out of school kind of way. Yeah, facilities here are amazing. Staff is great. Really good links to the industry, but where is the inspiration? Where can I go shooting if I want to do some documentary photography? There's not much to see here. Art schools simply have to be in larger cities.

That's it so far. But it's only Saturday. And this list only took me about two hours. So I think I might continue. And so far, no matter for what I will decide, I still have some vacancies in my UCAS application, so maybe Dundee for Photography? Bristol? Northumbria? But with all these I have the problem of small towns.
My interior design books are waiting to be read. Also my photography book is supposed to be back in the library by next Friday. And translations to be made.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Apartment Story

I want to have a broad decision on unis by this Sunday.
I know that it won't work out because I'm starting to live a busy life.
Movie, food and dreads tomorrow at Maddy's place.
Propaganda at the Old Firestation on Saturday.
Meeting with Tereza and Jendrezj on Sunday to decide on our London trip.
My decision/choices so far:
LCC for either Interior Design or Photography
Any other branch of the Arts University of London for Photography
Glasgow School of Arts for Architecture or Interior Design
Rhode Island School of Design for Interior Architecture or Architecture by itself.
Tisch University for Photography
Kingston for Architecture
London College of Fashion for Fashion Photography
By Sunday I want this list to be more specific. Wish me luck!