Sunday, 12 October 2008

Baby, It's A Fact Pt. 2

When I obsess about not having money I usually have a three digit amount in my bank account.

After I get back from a long trip the first thing I do online is check for flights going back to that certain place.

I still remember every single day of my 13 days in California this summer.

Staying in modern, impersonal hotels makes me happy.

I eat cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ASDA has Ben&Jerry's on offer at the moment. I, of course, knew about it and bought another jar of Phish Food.

I read the IKEA cataloge rather than only looking at the photos.

Moving out is the scariest thing I've done so far.

I ask google everything. In 50% of the cases the answers are really useful.

I posted my first secret to PostSecret two weeks ago. It hasn't been posted.

I'm disgusted by other people's dirty dishes. I don't mind so much if I don't do my dishes for two days, but if my housemates don't clean up after themselves I get annoyed and eventually start crying.

I never live in the present. Only in the past and future.

I know more about art, music, movies and photography than I know about politics and the latest world news.

The moment I moved to Bournemouth I thought about where to move next year.

I trust couchsurfing people more than any of the people I've met here so far. Even if I haven't met any of the CS people.

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