Saturday, 25 October 2008

Slow Show

Things are happening fast here. And I like it this way.
We are having a clean kitchen, I am betting with myself that it will keep that way for 1.5 days, meaning Monday morning. And the conversations I had with Mike and Ollie today were in fact quite good, I start liking that part of them. If they just weren't that damn unreliable and immature.
But back to the basics.
I am going to be a photographer. I haven't put down my choice yet, that only happens in three weeks, but I made my decision, and so far nothing has changed since last Saturday when I made it. Three or four years from now I am going to have a BA or BFA in Photography and will hopefully earn my money with it. I pretty much like that idea.
Assessment is coming up in three weeks, I have all my work I've done so far here at home so prepare for a photo heavy entry coming up real soon. Including some annotations, in a chronological order. And once my assessment is over and I know which of the pieces I have to keep for my portfolio I will start selling that stuff. Otherwise it will be just lying around here for now good reason.
My Antithesis project is running smoothly, 2 out of 3 pieces are done, although the bookshelf didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. But I'll just make some nice drawings to make up with it. The hardest part is going to be the armchair, I'll have to see how this goes, otherwise I'll start making some chairs out of more carrot sticks and build another table and then have a nice dining set.
Glasgow this wednesday, GSA open day on thursday and then hopefully some successful portfolio work the rest of my time in Glasgow. Wish me luck!

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