Sunday, 19 April 2009

I'm not scared

It's been a while again, life here is busy.
News in sentences.
I got into Calarts. They offered me a $8000 scholarship, which is awesome, but not enough to actually go there. Now I'm hoping for my masters in California. A girl can dream, right?
I accepted Camberwell, finding a flat/house is harder then expected. Moving in with Jedrezj, that incredibly talented photographer from my course, hopefully Lisa and maybe another girl who's doing Illustration. Could be good, could also be too much. I'm excited for Camberwell, although it will never be CalArts.
But they apparently have an exchange program with New York City, I'm dreaming.
Summerplans are ruined thanks to stupid tenancy regulations in London. We'll have to find a flat in August instead of May, meaning I won't be able to go on my 3 months cross country road trip. I kind of knew that it would go wrong, yet again, I was dreaming. Now I'm left with three, sort of four other possiblities. Either Thailand or India for 5 weeks in July/beginning of August, eastern Europe by train for 5 weeks or a reduced 5 week road trip through the US. Last possibility is kind of out because I told myself either do it properly or not at all. So I'm left with Thailand, India and eastern Europe and totally clueless. Thailand seemed very attractive yesterday, today it's eastern Europe.

Professional wise, things are going good, I think. I had to give my work into the hands of a professional printer because my standards are too high and because I want/got offered a bigger exhibition space than the other people in my group show. So now it's waiting.
Picture post is coming up eventually, right now I just want to get things over with, then I'll start uploading low res files to flickr. Oh, and maybe even my own homepage, depending on when Murat and me are getting around on doing it.

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