Saturday, 7 February 2009

My Eyes

Okay, still no pictures, but I'm tired, I'll use that as an excuse.
But nonetheless, I should write something useful. or at least, I feel like I should.
I found this beautiful lense, 17-75mm, 2.8-4.5 (no, this doesn't have to mean anything to photography unrelated people, all you have to know is that this is awesome) for 248 Euros. And I might just buy it from my birthday money. Or rather buy it now and then justify it with my birthday money. Because the Canon Kit lens is slowly starting to piss me off. Just about time after 1.5 years I'd say. Plus it's a good lense for my summer, because the kit lens only goes up to 55mm. And the reviews are really nice. Yes, I might just buy it. But then, I also need a polarising filter, which adds up another 45 euros. It's an expensive job.

Then, the tutorial I had on Wednesday. According to Tim I have good 'photographic eyes' and the photos I took last week are 'beautiful' and 'stunning'. Just what I need, really. Especially because Matt wasn't too convinced of my work, but there you have it again. Matt = commercial. Tim = Fine Art. I so don't belong to any commercial course, I really have to go to Camberwell. Plus, flats there are cheaper anyways. And it's close to the beautiful Walworth Road with all its small shops.
Plan for today: read some more of my book (The Fuck Up, I'm liking it) and scout for some nice flats in Camberwell.
Good Night!

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