Saturday, 14 February 2009


I tried holding back this post for several weeks now, but the point came at which I cannot restrain myself any more.

You've heard it all before. Children starve in Africa, homeless people begging for money only to buy themselves some bread, the usual arguments when the plate hasn't been completely emptied. The people throwing around these statements should meet one of my housemates. Nahiyan. He usually orders food online because he's too lazy to go around the corner to our rather big selection of supermarkets: Sainsbury's (walking distance: 10 minutes), Somerfield (walking distance: 5 minutes), Tesco express (walking distance: 5 minutes) and finally for the cheapos out there Lidl (walking distance: 15 minutes). So it can't be the lack of selection, it must be sheer laziness. On Thursday he got a delievery at 9.30am. He just left the stuff standing in the kitchen and went back to bed. I noticed the milk standing around which is supposed to be refrigerated, the sweets filled with whipped cream and custard, all meant for the fridge. In addition to that, only on Monday he also got another food delivery, of which most of it went off as well. Because he not only doesn't put stuff in the fridge, but apparently he also doesn't know about an invention named freezer. The fries just lay around in the fridge until he eventually got them out, left them on the counter and I threw them away earlier today, without even daring to look inside.
He leaves everything on the counter. By now I also started looking in his cupboard, in which right now there are four naan breads which went off two days ago, but they still look good, croissants bbf 11th feb, still good, tried them, only a bit dried out.

To make it more clear, here a list of things I got off him for free because he wanted to throw it away:
two full bags of oranges
half a jar of delicious humous
uncountable amount of bread
half a pack of honey nut
vegetables, loads of vegetables

He doesn't know of any of these things. Because, and here's the other thing I actually wanted to hold back, but just cannot restrain myself any more, he doesn't put stuff in the bin. He just leaves the stuff on the counter until it really goes of. Meaning, until the still half full juice container slowly blows up, until the only 1/4 emptied chocolate milk slowly first turns into yogurt and then starts dividing itself into water and dried up chocolate milk and eventually blows up as well, the grapes go from good looking attractive edible to slowly getting grey to completely covered in mold. I asked him why he just leaves the stuff on the counter instead of simply throwing it in the bin. His answer: I just can't be bothered. Strange tho: the bin is closer than the counter in the kitchen. It's standing right next to the door, the counter only starts halfway into the kitchen.

As I am writing this I am having Jalapeno humous on bread. My bread, his humous. Also I converted one bag of oranges into a tasty homemade orange-juice/smoothy. He went to London for the weekend, Ollie and I desperately hope he won't be back tonight then we can have a massive feast with all his food which will go off today: salmon, chocolate milk, more humous, lettuce, cucumber, strawberries, minced meat, croissants, naan bread. This would be an amazing dinner.
If not, the naan bread already went of two days ago, I'm thinking about just putting it in the freezer, I'm pretty sure he won't even notice. And if he did he would never ask me neither blame it on me. There's no proof. I don't consider it stealing. Because instead of throwing it away it just helps me save money. Also, he owes me all those sleepness nights because of the xbox and way too loud sound.

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Ann Kristin said...

:D i know it's actually not funny but it's simply insane.