Monday, 22 December 2008

The Golden State Wins Again.

It's been one week in Germany now. And I achieved nothing. I've done nothing. I haven't thought of anything. Nothingness. Everywhere. No ideas for the essay. No idea for the interview preparation. No inspiration, no motivation, no nothing for my documentary project. Idea exists, yes, but I cannot get my butt up an actually go out shooting. Forgot my remote control in Bournemouth, I really hope Amazon gets the new one to me by Wednesday. Because the only good image I have so far, of my grandma is blurry. Damn long exposures. But it's a really nice shot, nonetheless.
As for future, I started thinking about the Final Major Project, although I know I should first finish this stage. And there are still loads of projects coming up. And I talked to my mom about London. She also thinks it's better for me to get a flat for three straight years instead of just getting a new one every year. I mean, as long as I don't have more than two other flatmates, and it actually is a flat (never ever am I going to rent a room in a house again) and as long as it has wooden floor, or anything that isn't that funny smelling carpet I'm happy. Oh, and close to some high street please. But it's London, there are always going to be some exotic fruit and veg stores around, somewhere. Yes, London feels good right now. I think I'll abandon Glasgow. Camberwell fells right at the moment. Well, and Calarts? yes, it's still first choice.
It's been some bad past days for me, both professionally and personally. But I'll get over it somehow. Essay is waiting. And translations, my uncle isn't the nicest person either. At least at the moment. I just want to go back to Uni. But keep on living here.

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