Friday, 22 August 2008


I think I should open a Ben&Jerry's fund account. An account where I can put all my left over money in and then once every other week I will use the money to go to ASDA and buy new ice-cream for me. One thing I love about England is having the opportunity to get Ben&Jerry's whereever I want to. ASDA has it. Sainsbury's has it. Tesco has it. And all these stores are a top 20 minutes by bike away. And altough the medium sized ice-cream is £3.75, this is totally worth every penny.
Right now I am about to get some more Chocolate Fudge Brownie out of my fridge and watch some more Scrubs, Season six. I told a friend (one of the two friends I have here) that I won't go out tonight, I've been out all day and need some time in my bed with mentioned ice-cream and mentioned Scrubs.

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