Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Long Train Running

I got my care pack today. Yay! and I already had two s'mores, and I do not feel sick yet, which is maybe because I had them over a time span of three hours. But yes, I will definitely introduce some friends and my mom to them. Except for my mom most of the people might hate it tho, nobody can really apreaciate them.
It's one week today, then I'll be sitting in a plane to Heathrow without a return ticket.
Here's my to do list for today, for the rest of the week, for whatever. At least I'd like to get most of it done today.

make a pumpkin pie
buy liquor
clean up this floor
finish packing the box
introduce several people to s'mores
start packing my backpack

and for all of you who haven't seen it yet either, here you go.
Charlie The Unicorn Part 2

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