Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Good results after a bad day

My creativity finally came back. Or better: I gave it a chance to develop freely. I ignored the mess in my room, just took up some space on my desk and put the sewing machine on there.
After going to Ikea yesterday and getting super frustrated as they didn't have any of the things I wanted to buy I convinced myself it might be better just to start fixing my grandmas dress for her. So I got ready, the whole thing didn't take me more than 15 minutes and I started thinking about what to do next. In my desperation yesterday I bought this fabric which turned out to be a lot better than expected. I now have my first handmade laptop case! Sure, I have my crumpler bag, but if it comes to taking my laptop somewhere where I also have to bring a lot of other stuff my crumpler bag is quite useless as space is limited. But now I can simply slide my laptop in the case and carry it around without having to worry someone will know what's inside my bag. Yay!
This time I really tried to take care of the whole thing, not just the outer appereance. So I even quilted the inside of the case.
And chose a nice colour for the upper thread instead of the boring white I always use. Yes, I really care for this case.

When I put everything on my other desk, which is actually a bookshelf, changed into a desk I loved the result. Doesn't it look great?

After this I had the urge to continue. Luckily I got this bare frame as well, one thing Ikea did in fact have. The bare-natural stupid wood-look had to go and nice cotton-rag paper took it's place.
I put a nice passepartour behind behind the photo, and viola - here goes one photo with it's fitting frame I'll make sure to take to Bournemouth.

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