Saturday, 9 August 2008

The quote of the day

A conversation of my future flatmates and me.

Is there any garden furniture, does anyone remember? I'd prefer to spend my time in the garden rather then my coffin.

i don't think there was any furniture? i can't remember seeing any... there should be though? hmm. i just remember the shed. never saw inside it.

you know what, i'll give up the coffin and have a tent in the garden, you two ladies can have it as a walk in wardrobe, since i've realised i've got fuck all to bring with me.
cricket bat in hand, football at my feet, a pile of books and music and i'm all good. I'll be like the gremlin underneath the tree in the corner of the garden, or i'll just take the shed.

or the pond! did i imagine the pond or is it actually there?

no you imagined the pond, are you on the sauce? cuz i am...i would share my hoegaarden if i could.

we have a pond? we should put some goldfish in there and feed them all the left-overs.
I thought about garden furniture before. doesn't any of you have an old couch in the attic that nobody needs any more? otherwise we could just wait for a bulky waste day (if you people in england do that) and then collect an old couch from someones sidewalks. or just be like the mexicans I saw in california and randomly steal things from other people's gardens.
or we could all abandon the house and start a commune at the beach. good old hippie times.

i pick either of the last two options. lets be the gringos who steal shit! and have an emergency place at the beach where we can crash if getting home is too much effort.
and no still no pond that i can remember, but i do remember a buddha statue in the corner beside the tree, we can offer him the leftover.

oh I actually love the buddha statue idea a lot more than the goldfish option. lets get some more greek or some asian gods and all feed them leftovers. maybe our neighbours are going to be so scared that they will give us their furniture for free.

well lets just go the whole hog and get some aztec, inca death masks and god statues, african tribal masks and fertility statues. greek goddesses (ie half naked women) babylonian winged sun god statues, eygption satutes of Ra, shinto demon idols and obviously some voodoo dolls and some goats tied to the tree.

i'm sure there was a pond. an empty pond.
how on earth would you get a sofa in an attic?!! alex you're mad :D
with all those deitys we'll NEVER get rained on! hurrahhhh

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