Monday, 25 August 2008

Baby, It's A Fact

Whenever I am at a bigger train station I go to the next newspaper store, go to the women's section and read all the horoscopes in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour and In Style. I only believe in the Cosmopolitan one.

I like speaking English rather than German.

I never had to wear braces. Up until three weeks ago when I got some, only because I got a teeth pulled out. I had perfect teeth otherwise.

I am judging every book by it's cover.

I am obsessed about comfortable beds. If I do not like the bed of a place I am supposed to be staying at for more than a night I get aggressive and want to leave.

Only recently I discovered Blu Tack. Now I am using it for everything.

I never told my mom about when I had a boyfriend or when we broke up. I do not talk to her about anything personal.

I compare the people I meet here with my old friends. So far nobody here won.

I am in contact with more people from abroad than from my homecountry.

If I am not using Blu Tack, then I am using Duck Tape.

I love picking up friends from airports, train stations or bus stations. Before I do that I play the scenario several times in my head. So far, it always turned out different.

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Anonymous said...

"I compare the people I meet here with my old friends. So far nobody here won."

aww~~ thank you ;_; makes me feel better~

if you really like to than we can talk english from no on via skype?